Supplier for dealers
This service is similar to what was outlined in the "gear finding service" section, but is geared towards other dealers (whether you're an actual music dealer or an individual who buys and sells to make some extra money). This can take on several forms. Here are a few examples:
i. You live in the United States, run a store and have someone come in asking you for a particular piece of gear which you don't have. You could probably find it, but the price might not be right or you don't have the time to spend looking.
ii. You live outside of the United States and run a store and have a request from a customer for something that you don't carry. The item might be difficult or expensive to find locally.
iii. You are an individual who lives outside of the United States with acquaintances or contacts who are musicians and would buy specific musical items from you. Often times these items are less expensive to buy in the USA, but international buyers often don't have the experience or the confidence to take the risk of buying from the USA. Also, some sellers in the USA will not deal with overseas buyers. Macdaddy Music will! You can save money on shipping and customs fees by buying several items at a time.

Please note - this service applies only to used items.