This service is designed for the individual looking for a specific piece of musical gear. You may have been to other websites or stores where they have a book or a "gear wish list" form. Usually the result is always the same - you fill out the form in hopes that you'll get a phone call the next week saying "we found that guitar you wanted," but it never happens. That's where Macdaddy Music comes in. We take the items you're looking for and actually LOOK for them. Your request doesn't just fall into a black hole never to be seen again.

If you have a specific piece of music gear that you're looking for, please send an email to (with as much detail as possible) to submit a request. The make/model and price range are required. We cannot look for something for you without knowing exactly what we're looking for.
We'll check around and see what we can find for you. Sometimes it will take minutes or hours and other times it may take a few days. When we do find something that matches your request, we'll contact you with a detailed quote (your price, pictures if possible, any noteworthy information - i.e. extra items included, any notable wear, etc). Typically when we do find something matching your request it is a fair price, so the item will only be available for a short time. For that reason it will benefit both of us to communicate as quickly as possible. If you have more questions, simply let us know and we'll find out the answers for you as quickly as possible. If you decide that you want to purchase the item, we will ask for a 10% non-refundable deposit that will go towards the full purchase price of the item. The remaining 90% (plus shipping and optional insurance) will be due when the item is in our hands so that we can verify it is as stated. We'll contact you as soon as we have the item, and confirm the total and that the item is as described. Once we've received the balance of your payment, the item will be shipped.

Here are just a few recent examples of items that we've sold using this process

Rocktron Prophecy guitar processor
Roland XP-50 Keyboard
Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier amp head
Ernie Ball Music Man Axis electric guitar
BBE Stinger guitar pedal
Line 6 DL4 digital delay modeler
Maxon SD9 Sonic Distortion pedal
Boss BF-3 Flanger pedal
MXR Phase 90
Shure SM57 microphone