Upcoming products from Rocktron

Rocktron has been well known for a very long time for their HUSH units, processors and controllers and in recent years they’ve been putting out more and more floor effects. Now, they’re looking to expand even further into the floor effects world with some new products and product lines.

One line is their Reaction series of pedals. They’re smaller footprint (compared to their original stomp boxes) make them much more pedal board friendly.

Second up is their Boutique line of pedals. As the name implies this will be a series of higher quality stomp boxes.

Also upcoming is a FLOOR version of the incredibly popular Patchmate Loop 8 for use with pedals! This is sure to be a major hit with guitarists worldwide.

Another couple of new products soon to be released – the Rocktron Utopia G200B and G300B – an integration of two existing Rocktron products – the G200 (or G300) WITH an integrated Banshee talkbox effect! Not only will this save guitarists who want both effects a lot of space, but it will also give Rocktron a multi-effects processor that does not have an equal on the market. Nice work Rocktron!

Also in the works is a Velocity 300 power amp. The Velocity 100 has been a very popular power amp and is a great mix of power and features for the price. While I don’t have details on the features of the Velocity 300 yet, it seems to be a safe assumption that it’ll be more or less a 300 watt version of the Velocity 100.

Last, but not least is the forthcoming Rocktron Hush Ultra rack unit. This unit allows the user to store presets and control them via MIDI. A great tool to change noise suppresion characteristics for different pieces of gear.

I’m still waiting to hear on pricing and ETA’s on all of these items and will post more info soon.

Stay tuned………

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New ModTone products in stock!

We just got a bunch of new ModTone products in stock including….

ModTone MT-CB Clean Boost – can be used with electric or acoustic guitar and allows you to boost your signal and add or cut treble or bass to your original signal. $99.95 (free shipping)

ModTone MT-DD Deep Dive Octave Plus – add octaves to your guitar tone. Great to use with lead lines, and it’s true bypass. $129.95 (free shipping)

ModTone MT-FF Funk Filter Auto Wah
– classic style filter pedal with 3 modes and it’s true bypass! $129.95 (free shipping)

ModTone MT-POWP Power Planet Power Supply – an extremely versatile power supply loaded with features. Isolated outputs, SAG controls that simulate dying 9v batteries, and the ability to switch from 9v to 12v are just the start of the features offered with the Power Plant. $189.95 (free shipping)

ModTone MT-WAH Vintage Wah
– true bypass vintage styled wah in a durable housing at a price that can’t be beat! $69.95 (free shipping)

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Xotic Effects introduces the Andy Timmons signature BB Preamp

xoticbbat Xotic Effects introduces the Andy Timmons signature BB PreampXotic Effects has recently announced that they’re releasing a limited edition Andy Timmons signature model BB Preamp. They released a similar model last year, the Scott Henderson signature model RC Booster. The RC Booster appeared to be a runaway hit (we sold out all of our stock within a matter of several weeks). I anticipate the same with the Andy Timmons BB Preamp.

The BBP-AT takes the standard BB preamp and gives it a smoother, warmer and more compressed tone. Also, Xotic is including a copy of Andy’s “Live Resolution” DVD and a certification signed by Andy himself!

Only 1,000 of these are being made, and a lot of those will be sold to dealers outside of the USA, so if you’re looking to pick one of these up, do it quickly before they’re gone!

Price: $210 (free shipping in the USA).

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Visual Sound V2 pedals now in stock.

test r1 c1 Visual Sound V2 pedals now in stock.I’m excited to share that we’re now carrying Visual Sound pedals! Their V2 line of pedals came out a little while back and we just got in our first batch of them in a few days ago.

I’m a big fan of Visual Sound pedals because they make effects that are well thought out, well designed, and a great value. Most of their pedals have a wide variety of controls and parameters that allow you to adjust things to your exact liking. The build quality and durability on their products is fantastic and the price relative to comparable products is a real bargain!

Check out the Visual Sound pedals we have in stock here, or check out Visual Sounds website for more in depth information on their products and the company.

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April fools sale – 20% off!

Happy April Fools day! For today only we’re running a 20% off sale fo EVERYTHING on our store! This is the biggest sale we’ve ever offered and will only run for April 1, 2009. To utilize this sale, just enter promo code ” aprilfools ” (minus the quotation marks) in the promo code box when checking out on our website.

And this ISN’T a joke!

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It’s official – we’re now a ModTone Effects dealer!

logo It’s official – we’re now a ModTone Effects dealer!We’ve been carrying a few ModTone Effects pedals for a few months now – we had been getting them through a wholesaler. However, we’re now an official ModTone Effects dealer which means that we’re able to carry their full line and also have first pick at their new products that come out!

We currently have a number of their products on our site and will be adding other models in the coming day or so. A quick rundown on their current models:

ModTone MT-AD Vintage Analog Delay – $99.95 for an analog delay? YES, it’s true.

ModTone MT-CH Aqua Chorus – $79.95 – a vintage style chorus

ModTone MT-DS Speedbox Distortion – $49.95 – great sounding distortion at a very attractive price.

ModTone MT-OD Dyno Drive – $79.95 – vintage style overdrive that blows away the competition in its price range.

ModTone MT-PH Atomic Phaser – $99.95 – boutique style phase at a non-boutique price

ModTone MT-CT Chromatic Tuner
– $79.95 – accurate, easy to read and compact!

ModTone MT-HT Tremolo – $79.95 – Vintage sounding tremolo and vibrato.

Upcoming models:
ModTone MT-WAH Wah pedal – $69.95 – classic style wah pedal! Heavy duty construction and it’s true bypass!

ModTone Power Plant Power Supply – $189.95 – This could be the last power supply you’ll ever need. It’ll power everything from 9v to 24v pedals, will work on 110v or 220v, has a “sag” control to emulate dimmed power output, and even has a 9v AC output!

ModTone MT-DD Deep Dive Octave Plus – $129.95 – An octave pedal with a ring mod feature and it’s true bypass!

ModTone MT-FF Funk Filter Enveloper – $129.95 – A boutique style envelope filter that features three controls and true bypass!

Modtone MT-CB Clean Booster – $99.95 – just what you’d guess it is – a clean boost that allows you to boost your signal by up to 25 db with no gain added to the signal, and it is true bypass.

Please feel free to email or call if you have further questions on these, or if you’re interested in placing an order.

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Elixir Cables now in stock!

elixir c p f c Elixir Cables now in stock!
Elixir Strings have been around for awhile now and have earned a much deserved reputation as being some of the best strings you can buy. Now, they’ve released instrument cables that follow in the footsteps of their string line.

We’ve got several models in stock and available here.

For many people, cables are a boring topic and an easily overlooked part to their overall tone. I can completely identify with you, if you’re in that camp! It’s much more fun to spend money on a guitar pedal than it is on a couple of guitar cables. That said, using excellent quality cables is one of the quickest, easiest and least expensive ways to make an immediately noticeable improvement in your tone. Rather than trying to describe this in words, check out some sample audio clips that Elixir has on their website comparing Elixir cables with two different “run of the mill” cables.

Elixir Cables Audio Clip

Also, check out the following video’s that feature Taylor Guitar’s VP of Marketing, Brian Swerdfeger, and guitar luthier extraordinaire, Tom Anderson talking about Elixir cables (among other things).

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Xotic Effects Robotalk 2 in stock!

xoticrobo Xotic Effects Robotalk 2 in stock!The much anticipated Xotic Effects Robotalk 2 Envelope Filter is now available and shipping! The Robotalk 2 takes Xotics modern classic Robotalk, tweaks it and adds more controls to give you an even more versatile and amazing sounding effect.

The Robotalk2 sports two individual envelope filter channels. Each channel is independently voiced and can be preset for different playing styles; slow acoustic-like attack, percussive, high speed open-close and many more. Blend each channel together for additional tone or use the internal dip switch to customize your sounds appropriately. There’s a switchable input pad for accommodating both active and passive signals.

Price: $249 (free shipping anywhere in the USA). Click here to read more or to place an order.

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MXR Custom Audio Electronics MC-404 Wah pedal

mxr mc404a MXR Custom Audio Electronics MC 404 Wah pedalMXR’s Custom Audio Electronics division has a new product coming out shortly, the MXR CAE MC-404 Wah pedal.

The MC-404 CAE Wah was developed by Bob Bradshaw of Custom Audio Electronics and the Crybaby design team with the goal of creating a highly versatile wah-wah of top-grade components. It features dual Fasel inductors with two distinct voices (high-end emphasis or low to mid resonance), and a built-in MXR MC- 401 Boost/LineDriver adds even more flexibility.

The MC-404 is not expected in until mid-April, but we have them on order and are taking pre-orders on it if you’re interested and want to be sure to get one of them as soon as they’re available.

Price: $169.99 (free shipping in the USA).

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Base jumping with a wing suit

This has absolutely nothing to do with music or Macdaddy Music, but it’s so cool I just had to share. The video’s about 4 minutes long – it’s worth every second! Enjoy!

wingsuit base jumping from Vimeo.

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