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New products from Winter 2011 NAMM!

As you may know, winter NAMM wrapped up a couple weeks ago and all reports are that it was the most positive one in years. Dealers were excited, manufacturers were optimistic and offering some fantastic new products.  We’ve got a … Continue reading

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The Ebow: playing techniques and useful effects

In the second of two videos on the Ebow, I discuss and demonstrate some basic playing techniques as well as talk briefly about some effects that are useful when playing the Ebow. Continue reading

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The Ebow: what is it and how does it work?

The Ebow (short for electronic bow) is one of my favorite guitar effects. I’ve used one for years and nearly every time I use it people will ask me “what was that thing?!” The Ebow utilizes a 9v battery that creates a magnetic field which vibrates the string allowing you to get notes that will sustain endlessly. Continue reading

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More pickups and cables added to our line-up.

I’m excited about a couple of new items we’ve added to our inventory hear at Macdaddy Music: Dean USA pickups and Lava Cables. Both products share some similarities. Both are made in the USA by well respected companies, and both … Continue reading

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Elixir Cables now in stock!

Elixir Strings have been around for awhile now and have earned a much deserved reputation as being some of the best strings you can buy. Now, they’ve released instrument cables that follow in the footsteps of their string line. We’ve … Continue reading

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Used gear list for 8.28.07

We send out a mailing list with our “newest” used gear for sale via email and are also starting to post the same list here on our blog. If you’d like to be added to the mailing list (which also … Continue reading

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