Used pedals & gear for sale!

We’ve been in “accumulation mode” for awhile and it’s time to start moving some of the used gear that’s currently just sitting on the shelf.  Here’s our latest used gear list.  As always, everything listed is 100% functional unless otherwise stated.  Any notable cosmetic issues will also be noted. Please email or call (218.260.4176) with questions. If you’d like to order you can do so via Paypal (we’ll send a Paypal invoice – just email us with what you want and your email address) or you can call to order over the phone with a credit card.

Boss FDR-1 Fender ’65 Deluxe Reverb pedal – like new in the box w/manual – $85
Boss RC-2 Looper pedal – like new in the box w/manual – $115
Keeley Mod Plus Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer – $249
Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay – like new in box w/manual – $139
Ibanez/Analogman TS9/TS808 mod – $139
Arion/EWS modded Chorus – near mint in box – $115
Fulltone OCD (V4) – near mint w/box – $120
Lovepedal Eternity Fuse – near mint, no box or manual – $175
Keeley Boss BD-2 w/Phat Mod – near mint, no box or manual – $139
Xotic RC Booster – near mint, no box or manual – $125
Coldcraft Cascade Overdrive – near mint in box – $139
VFE Pedals Alpha Dog Distortion – near mint w/box – $109
Fulltone Secret Freq OD/Distortion – near mint in box w/manual & sticker VERY low S/N (116) – $169
Boss FS-5U non-latching footswitch – no box or manual, near mint – $20
Road Rage AB Switcher (super compact AB box) – like new w/box & manual -$15
Road Rage Rapidfire Looper pedal – like new w/box & manual – $20
Visual Sound Pure Tone Buffer – like new w/box & manual – $35

Open Box/Customer Return items: all of these are just open box/customer return items and come with the full manufacturer warranty still.
Visual Sound Route 808 OD – open box w/manual $55
Bogner Uberschall Distortion – open box w/manual & paperwork $199
Bogner Ecstasy Red OD – open box w/manual & paperwork (2x available) $239
BMF Effects Little Red Compressor – open box w/manual – $145
Jack Deville Dark Echo Delay – open box w/manual – $149
EarthQuaker Devices Dispatch Master – open box w/manual – $155
Wampler Pedals Tom Quayle Dual Fusion OD – open box w/manual – $225

We also have a couple of great mic pre’s for sale on ebay (auctions starting May 21, 2013) if you’re in that market.

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