New products update!

We’ve been adding a lot of great new products to our line-up.  Some are “new to us” and some are brand new on the market, but we think they’re all great in their own right.  Here are a few highlights…

Mooer Audioa20791c13a22cfd697ec32 s New products update!
This line of micro pedals all feature some similar features including:
- A TINY pedalboard friendly footprint
- True bypass switching
- High quality design and tone
- An amazing number of controllable parameters for a tiny pedal
They’re all very affordable ($88 or $98 depending on the model). Mooer makes a wide variety of effect types as well that cover the majority of effect types on the market.  Popular models include the Pitch Box pitch shifter, ShimVerb digital delay and Ensemble King analog chorus.

Mission Engineering a207917139c5c4a03a988b s New products update!
Mission Engineering manufactures expression, volume and wah pedals that are well thought out, versatile and very high quality.  Made in the USA, they’re unique products that for most models have few if any competitors on the market. Products such as the Expressionator, RewAh wah pedal, and EP-1 Expression pedal are powerful tools that are built to last.

Bogner Pedals a20791b13b007ac3097b01 s New products update!
Yes it’s the same “Bogner” as the killer amps!  They’ve recently introduced three pedals based on their legendary amps!  The Euphoria Red, Euphoria Blue and Uberschall.  Each has its own unique tone and each features an independent boost channel.  If you’ve always loved Bogner amp tone, but couldn’t afford the price, these pedals are as close as you’ll get to Bogner amp tone in a pedal and at a fraction of the amp price!

Walrus Audio a2079181390c22d7f9dafa s New products update!
I love Walrus Audio! They’re philosophy is to create pedals that are fantastic sounding (obviously) but on top of that, they feel that they should be essentially a functional work of visual art on your board as well.  Each of their pedals features graphic art that make them stand out.  On top of that, they sound phenomenal.  Their Voyager Overdrive has taken the guitar world by storm, earning the 2012 Guitar Gear award from Premier Guitar. In addition, they’ve recently released the Januswhich is a dual Tremolo & Fuzz pedal with joystick controls that allow unprecedented real time control over two parameters at once. Check out the video below for a demo on the Janus.

 New products update!
Walrus Audio Janus Tremolo/Fuzz Joystick Pedal Technical Demo

Lindy Fralin Pickups
Fralin pickups aren’t exactly “new” to the market – they’ve been around for quite some time, but we recently got on board as a dealer with them. Their hand made pickups are among the finest in the world!  We have not listed them on our website yet, but we do have a good variety of their Strat, Tele, Humbucker, P90 and Humbucker sized P90 (P92) pickups in stock.  If you’re interested in ordering any of these feel free to email or call (218.260.4176).

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