New Pedal Day! The Homebrew Electronics (HBE) Cremolo Analog Tremolo first look & short review

We just got in the new Homebrew Electronics Cremolo Analog Tremolo. This video is NOT intended to be a full fledged demo of the pedal, rather a “first impressions” video. I literally plugged it in for the first time for this video and just did one take to see what it sounds like, so please excuse any mistakes, etc. It’s a great pedal with a nice variety of vintage styled, analog tremolo tones. It offers a nice variety of tremolo tones – as mentioned, most are vintage, but when maxing out the Intensity and Speed controls you can get some pretty fast and hard trem sounds that are a bit more extreme and can work nice for modern styles or experimental sounds.

The build quality on this is great (as all HBE pedals are). I didn’t notice any excess noise with the pedal either and it does have true bypass switching, so it’s completely out of your signal path when disengaged. Also, for what it’s worth, the S.LED toggle just shuts the speed/depth LED indicator off. There is no tonal change when switching this toggle back and forth.

All in all a great tremolo pedal that’s a great option for most people looking for a tremolo. If you’re looking for something that’s designed for more modern, hard/choppy or super fast trem sounds, probably look elsewhere, but if you want a tremolo that hits a lot of the warm trem tones found in some of the classic old tube amps, the Cremolo is worth considering.

We’ve got them in stock – click here

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