Coming soon…Laney Ironheart amps

Hey all – it’s been awhile since the ol’ blog had any fresh content – sorry about that!  Between a 150 mile move, a new baby and all that goes with those things blogging has been low on the priority list.  At any rate – I’m excited about some new amps that will be available VERY soon.  The Laney Ironheart series.
laney ih Coming soon...Laney Ironheart amps

These are killer amps with tons of great features.  Here’s the quick overview:  The Ironhearts are all tube, high gain amps (2×12 combo and heads with matching cabs available) with features and tone found in much more expensive amps, but at a price that your averaging gigging guitarist can afford – street prices UNDER $1000!  Again, these are high gain amps – perfect for metal, thrash, hardcore, etc.  Not something you’ll want for your blues gig icon wink Coming soon...Laney Ironheart amps

Exact pricing and availability are still not 100% nailed down, but we will have them listed on our site with all pertinent details as soon as we get that info.  Until then, feel free to check out this great demo courtesy of Laney that shows the features more in depth and offers some great audio samples.

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2 Responses to Coming soon…Laney Ironheart amps

  1. Mario Braga says:

    Hi I realy like this amp and all the features I do have a Laney dealer in My area but do you know what the price will be in Canadian funds ?

    thanks …Mario

    • admin says:

      Prices in the US (in USD) are $849 for the 60 watt head, $999 for the 120 watt head and $959 for the 60 watt 2×12 combo. We ship to Canada if you’re interested in ordering from us. We’ll have these in very soon.

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