New products from Winter 2011 NAMM!

As you may know, winter NAMM wrapped up a couple weeks ago and all reports are that it was the most positive one in years. Dealers were excited, manufacturers were optimistic and offering some fantastic new products.  We’ve got a lot of great new products on the way that were released at the show and I thought it might be helpful to put up list of products, their prices and ETA’s.  Feel free to email or call with questions on anything listed here (or not listed icon wink New products from Winter 2011 NAMM!

Deluxe Memory Man Analog Delay with Tap Tempo – $378, available late March/early April

Stereo Talking Machine – $217.50, late April
Killswitch – $45, IN STOCK
Neo Mistress – $82.35, available early March

TC Electronic:
Corona Chorus$129, late Feb/early March
Dark Matter Distortion – $129, late Feb/early March
Flashback Delay & Looper – $169, late Feb/early March
Hall Of Fame Reverb – $149, late Feb/early March
MojoMojo Overdrive – $129, late Feb/early March
Shaker Vibrato & Chorus – $129, late Feb/early March
Vortex Flanger – $129, late Feb/early March

T-Rex Electronics:
Reptile 2 Delay with Tap Tempo – $279, IN STOCK
Twister 2 Chorus/Flanger – $279, late March
Tonebug Sustainer/Compressor – $99, late March

JBF3 Joe Bonamassa Signature Fuzz Face$199.99, early-mid April

M78 Custom Badass ’78 Distortion – $79.99, early-mid April
M234 Analog Chorus – $99.99, early-mid April
M195 Noise Clamp – $79.99, early-mid April
ZW90 Zakk Wylde Phase 90 – $99.99, early-mid April
M87 Bass Compressor – $189.99, early-mid April

Way Huge:
WHE-202 Green Rhino OD – $129.99, early-mid April
WHE-606 Ring Worm Modulator – $149.99, early-mid April

Seymour Duncan:
Vintage Broadcaster set – $104.95, IN STOCK
Tele Hot Rails set – $149.95, IN STOCK

Not on our site yet, but here are the following new SD items that are coming

Trembucker spaced SHPR-1 P-Rails (white, black, cream) – $89.95, late March
Blackouts Modular Preamp & Coil Pack – $54.95 (preamp only), $72.95 (Coil Pack – ie pickup only), $184.95 (preamp and set of pickups), mid-late February
Liberator solderless pickup change system – $24.95, mid February

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