2011 will be big….really big…

Happy 2011 to you!  I hope your Christmas, New Years, Hanukkah, Festivus, etc. was fantastic.  So 2010 has come and gone and while it wasn’t  the best year in the history of years, it was a bit better than some in recent memory and has me very optimistic for 2011.

At Macdaddy Music I’ve got plans to add a lot of new product lines in 2011.  I’ve always tried to give great product selection and 2011 will increase our selection by leaps and bounds. I’ll be adding new pickup lines, new guitar effects lines, new amps, and even new rack processors and multi-effects processors.

I’m also starting up a new ongoing special for Facebook fans. I’ll be offering Facebook fan only specials on a regular basis.  Could be weekly, could be monthly, but they’ll be regular enough and good enough deals that it’s worth becoming a Facebook fan if you’re not already!

I wish you the best for the upcoming year!

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