Comparing Metal Pedals – T-Rex Bloody Mary, HBE Full Metal Jacket, MXR Fullbore, Emma PisdiYAUwot

Until recently using a pedal for heavy styles of music wasn’t a possibility for any serious guitarist. The only options available were thin, fizzy and just plain old cheap sounding.  An amp was the only way to go.  While some people will always swear by an amp for their heavy distortion tones, pedal designs have come a long way in recent years and there are now a number of great options for someone wanting to use a pedal for their heavy distortion tones. In this video I discuss and demonstrate a handful of of them.  Among them are:

- the T-Rex Bloody Mary – $179
- the Homebrew Electronics Full Metal Jacket – $179
- the MXR M-116 Fullbore Metal – $99.99
- the Emma PisdiYAUwot – $245

Each has its own sound, but all are worthwhile pedals to look into if you are looking for a high gain distortion pedal.

The MXR M-116 is the highest gain model of the four, while the HBE Full Metal Jacket is the lowest gain model.  In my opinion the Full Metal Jacket is also the most versatile since it sounds great at virtually any setting and can cover a lot of genres.  The Emma is in my opinion the best sounding of the bunch, but is also the priciest.  As you might hear in the first set of clips, the Bloody Mary lacks much bite until the Gain knob is set past around 1 o clock/60%.

I’m not the greatest metal player in the world, so take the clips played at face value icon wink Comparing Metal Pedals   T Rex Bloody Mary, HBE Full Metal Jacket, MXR Fullbore, Emma PisdiYAUwot

For the demo’s all pedals have been set to be as flat as possible – all EQ’s are centered, level knobs are set to similar output levels, so we’re mostly demo-ing the gain controls.  The point of this video is to compare and contrast metal pedals, not to give a thorough overview of each pedal.

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