Keeley Electronics Overdrive overview and demo

The Keeley Electronics Overdrive was just released. In this video I highlight some of theĀ a20791f12be42e4c35f763 s Keeley Electronics Overdrive overview and demofeatures and demonstrate a number of different settings to help give a good overall idea of the tones you can get from the Keeley OD.

The Keeley Overdrive features two tone circuits, which doubles the amount of tones you can get out of it. One circuit (the Classic side) gives you Fender and Marshall type tones, while the other circuit (Modded side) gives you more modern sounding, higher gain OD tones. I’m unaware of an overdrive that’s this compact (the size of a small MXR pedal), with this wide of tonal range – everything from classic lower gain blues tones all the way to more classic rock and rock tones are possible.

If you’re looking for an overdrive that’s compact, versatile, transparent with virtually no excess noise, the Keeley OD is definitely one of the best options out there!

In this video, I’m sticking to just rhythm playing since I’m a rhythm guy – sorry in advance to those who want to hear solos.

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