Seymour Duncan pickups now at Macdaddy Music

Seymour Duncan Pickups
Seymour Duncan pickups aren’t exactly a secret, but that said we just became a dealer in the past couple of weeks for them.  Despite the fact that they’ve been around for a long time and have products that are as old as the company they’re also known for constantly designing new pickups, features, etc. that push the boundaries of the guitar and bass.  A couple of my favorite models they’ve come out with:

 Seymour Duncan pickups now at Macdaddy MusicSHPR-1 P-Rails pickup – this pickup fits in the route of a standard sized humbucker with no retrofitting. Here’s the cool part: it allows you to get authentic single coil tones, P-90 tones and humbucker tones all out of the one pickup.  Amazing! 

 Seymour Duncan pickups now at Macdaddy Music

SPH90-1 Phat Cat Humbucker Replacement P-90 – as the name implies, this pickup is a true P-90 pickup, but it’s designed to drop in to a standard sized humbucker route with no modifications.  It’s available with both gold and nickel covers.  Also, if you’re using these in a pair it comes as a standard wound model and a reverse wound/reverse polarity (Rw/Rp) model.  This eliminates the hum you typically get with P-90/single coil pickups, so you get all the P-90 tone in a humbucker size and without the noise!

Check out a full list of what we’ve got in stock here.  We’ll be adding more and more of their line in the coming weeks, so if there’s something you’re interested in that we don’t have on hand let us know and we’ll have it in for you shortly.  Also, ALL Seymour Duncan pickups ship free anywhere in the USA!

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