DLS Effects in stock and shipping

We’ve just added DLS Effects to our product line-up and I’m very excited to have them on board!  DLS Effects are some of the best effects you can buy and that’s no exaggeration.  They currently feature five models:

- Echo Tap Delay w/Tap Tempo
- Chorus-Vib
- RotoSIM – rotating speaker simulator
- Ultra Chorus II
- Versa Vib

They’re well thought out, made with very high grade components and sound simply fantastic.  All of their effects have stereo outputs which is a nice option, but the best part of their stereo outputs is that one is voiced slightly differently than the other.  It’s a minimal difference, but when using the outs together the difference adds a warmth and dimension that you typically just don’t hear with other effects with stereo outs

If the features, design and build quality don’t convince you, maybe their list of Artists using their effects will push you over the edge.

We have all of their models except for the Chorus-Vib in stock (they’re releasing a new version of the Chorus-Vib that we’ll stock once it’s available). All models ship free in the USA!

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