NAMM supports victims of the Nashville Flood

Alright, this isn’t exactly cutting edge news, but that doesn’t take away from it’s severity! The flood in Nashville has been a huge hit to Nashville in a lot of ways, but thankfully the people there are getting a lot of support from various organizations including NAMM and the Music Products Industry at large. The NAMM show will be held in Nashville this month which will be big economic boost and there will be a number of great events including a silent auction and a donation area for instruments that will all benefit Nashville and it’s musicians.

Read more here NAMM and the Music Products Industry Lend a Hand to Nashville for Flood Relief

On a related note, music industry product companies located in Nashville were hit by the flooding and are needing some time to get back up to speed. One in particular is Gibson – their guitar factory including their accessories (pickups, parts, strings) is behind, so please bear this in mind if you’re order any Gibson products. They could be out of stock for a bit if the store you’re buying from is sold out.

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