New Rocktron products expected in shortly!

We announced on here awhile back that Rocktron would be releasing some new products that included two new lines of pedals (Boutique Series and Reaction Series) as a few other great items. Well, the time is finally here! We’ve got all of the new products Rocktron is releasing coming in within the next week or two. We expect to have them in stock and shipping by the end of October or the first week of November. If you’re interested in any of the items listed below you can pre-order using the links provided and we’ll ship yours as soon as they’re in.

The Boutique Series of pedals is a series of 7 new effects (more to come in the near future) that all have boutique features at a non-boutique price. All of the pedals feature true bypass switching, a heavy duty housing, laser etched graphics, and a compact size making them pedal board friendly. They include the following models:

Rocktron Black Rose Octaver – Boutique Series
Rocktron Dreamstar Chorus – Boutique Series
Rocktron Mega Booster – Boutique Series
Rocktron Metal Embrace Distortion – Boutique Series
Rocktron Third Angel Distortion – Boutique Series
Rocktron Valve Charger Overdrive – Boutique Series
Rocktron VII Deadly Sins Auto Wah / Envelope Filter – Boutique Series

Price: $119 (free shipping in the USA) for all models.

The Rocktron Reaction Series of pedals are all new as well and similar to the the Boutique Series, all Reaction pedals feature true bypass switching and compact housing. They’re designed for everyone from the beginning guitarist looking to add pro quality effects to their line-up all the way to the budget minded pro guitarist. There are 8 models being released now with more to follow in the near future. Models include:

Rocktron Reaction Chorus Pedal
Rocktron Reaction Compressor Pedal
Rocktron Reaction Digital Delay Pedal
Rocktron Reaction Distortion 1 Pedal
Rocktron Reaction Octaver Pedal
Rocktron Reaction Phaser Pedal
Rocktron Reaction Super Booster Pedal
Rocktron Reaction Super Charger Overdrive Pedal

Price: $79 (free shipping in the USA) for all models.

Also being release are three other fantastic products that are all variations of existing Rocktron products.

Rocktron Patchmate Loop 8 Floor Switcherthe rack version of the Patchmate has been incredibly successful and now Rocktron has given the power of the rack unit into a foot switchable floor model. It’s powerful and intuitive and features true bypass switching as well as MIDI capability.
Price: $329 (free shipping in the USA)

Rocktron Hush Ultra Programmable Stereo Noise Reducerthe Hush unit is nothing new, but the Hush Ultra adds XLR ins/outs, a digital display, MIDI capability and programmability for the most powerful Hush unit ever!
Price: $299 (free shipping in the USA)

Rocktron Velocity 300 Watt Guitar Power Ampthe Velocity 100 has been a favorite of many guitarists for years. Now the Velocity 300 gives more power and flexibility to the guitar world. It features two channels, both capable of 150 watts or 300 watts when bridged into an 8 ohm load, and all in a single rack space! Add to that a 115v/230v power switch, it’s “Reactance” circuit that replicates the output impedance of a tube amp, as well as a host of other well thought out features, the Velocity 300 is sure to be a hit.
Price: $369 (free shipping in the USA)

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