More pickups and cables added to our line-up.

I’m excited about a couple of new items we’ve added to our inventory hear at Macdaddy Music:

Dean USA pickups and Lava Cables.

Both products share some similarities. Both are made in the USA by well respected companies, and both are extremely great values for the money.

Dean pickups are designed and made in the USA and most of their models are designed in conjunction with some high profile guitarists who give them real world testing on the stage during the design phase. If you’re looking for a great sounding USA made rock pickup at a great price, you can’t go wrong with these Dean pickups.

Lava Cables have been around for awhile now, but we’re just adding them to our product line-up. Their pedal board kits feature the smallest jacks in the industry which is a real selling point in the world of cramped pedalboards. Combine that with their short proof design and incredibly transparent tone and you’ll wonder how these cables can be as affordable as they are.

As always, feel free to email or call if you have questions on these or any other items we sell. We’re more than happy to answer questions about the stuff we sell (and even stuff we don’t sell assuming we have some good knowledge about it).

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