Red Witch Famulus Distortion overview

rw famulus Red Witch Famulus Distortion overviewWe just got in the Red Witch Famulus Distortion pedal and I have to say I’m impressed! Distortion pedals are a dime a dozen these days, so I wasn’t really excited to hear that Red Witch was coming out with another distortion pedal on an already crowded distortion pedal market. The cool thing is that Red Witch (like all of their other pedals) thought outside of the box and created a unique and very usable distortion pedal that sets it in it’s own space in “distortion world.”

It has two separate distortion circuits in one box. Both are voiced differently and both can be used independently or together in literally any combination of the two. One can even be set to an almost clean sound while the other is at 100% gain for a very heavy, yet clear tone. Check out the video below for a great demonstration.

Price: $249.99 (free shipping in the USA). Click here to order.

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