gig-fx pedals coming in this week!

topbar250 gig fx pedals coming in this week!I’m excited to share that Macdaddy Music is now an official gig-fx dealer! We just placed our first order and will have all 5 of their models in stock later this week.

If you’re unfamiliar with gig-fx, they make some fantastic products that are a mix of ingenuity and functionality packed into one great item. Currently, they’re producing 5 pedals. All are housed in a the same style housing – a wah/volume sized pedal. All pedals also feature the same style expression pedal that functions differently for each pedal. Current production models include:

Pro Chop – a stereo tremolo, leslie, panning pedal and more with a digital readout and MIDI sync capabilities.
Chopper - a stereo tremolo, leslie, panning pedal and more.
VOD (Variable OverDrive) – three overdrive/distortion pedals in one with a shared 3 band EQ and individual level and gain controls for each.
Kilo-Wah – four wah effects in one pedal (classic wah, mega wah, auto wah, envelope filter)! All controlled by a noise free and wear free optically-linked pedal mechanism.
Mega-Wah – SIX wah effects in one pedal including an envelope filter, auto wah and stereo wahs. Also, doubles as a volume pedal.

Check out this video of Jeff Purchon (creator of gig-fx) demonstrating some of these models.

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