Xotic Effects introduces the Andy Timmons signature BB Preamp

xoticbbat Xotic Effects introduces the Andy Timmons signature BB PreampXotic Effects has recently announced that they’re releasing a limited edition Andy Timmons signature model BB Preamp. They released a similar model last year, the Scott Henderson signature model RC Booster. The RC Booster appeared to be a runaway hit (we sold out all of our stock within a matter of several weeks). I anticipate the same with the Andy Timmons BB Preamp.

The BBP-AT takes the standard BB preamp and gives it a smoother, warmer and more compressed tone. Also, Xotic is including a copy of Andy’s “Live Resolution” DVD and a certification signed by Andy himself!

Only 1,000 of these are being made, and a lot of those will be sold to dealers outside of the USA, so if you’re looking to pick one of these up, do it quickly before they’re gone!

Price: $210 (free shipping in the USA).

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