Upcoming products from Rocktron

Rocktron has been well known for a very long time for their HUSH units, processors and controllers and in recent years they’ve been putting out more and more floor effects. Now, they’re looking to expand even further into the floor effects world with some new products and product lines.

One line is their Reaction series of pedals. They’re smaller footprint (compared to their original stomp boxes) make them much more pedal board friendly.

Second up is their Boutique line of pedals. As the name implies this will be a series of higher quality stomp boxes.

Also upcoming is a FLOOR version of the incredibly popular Patchmate Loop 8 for use with pedals! This is sure to be a major hit with guitarists worldwide.

Another couple of new products soon to be released – the Rocktron Utopia G200B and G300B – an integration of two existing Rocktron products – the G200 (or G300) WITH an integrated Banshee talkbox effect! Not only will this save guitarists who want both effects a lot of space, but it will also give Rocktron a multi-effects processor that does not have an equal on the market. Nice work Rocktron!

Also in the works is a Velocity 300 power amp. The Velocity 100 has been a very popular power amp and is a great mix of power and features for the price. While I don’t have details on the features of the Velocity 300 yet, it seems to be a safe assumption that it’ll be more or less a 300 watt version of the Velocity 100.

Last, but not least is the forthcoming Rocktron Hush Ultra rack unit. This unit allows the user to store presets and control them via MIDI. A great tool to change noise suppresion characteristics for different pieces of gear.

I’m still waiting to hear on pricing and ETA’s on all of these items and will post more info soon.

Stay tuned………

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  1. DiscoFreq says:

    I suppose that’s this series of pedals:

    Where did you find this news? I’ve been waiting for information about those for a few months now :)

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