New ModTone products in stock!

We just got a bunch of new ModTone products in stock including….

ModTone MT-CB Clean Boost – can be used with electric or acoustic guitar and allows you to boost your signal and add or cut treble or bass to your original signal. $99.95 (free shipping)

ModTone MT-DD Deep Dive Octave Plus – add octaves to your guitar tone. Great to use with lead lines, and it’s true bypass. $129.95 (free shipping)

ModTone MT-FF Funk Filter Auto Wah
– classic style filter pedal with 3 modes and it’s true bypass! $129.95 (free shipping)

ModTone MT-POWP Power Planet Power Supply – an extremely versatile power supply loaded with features. Isolated outputs, SAG controls that simulate dying 9v batteries, and the ability to switch from 9v to 12v are just the start of the features offered with the Power Plant. $189.95 (free shipping)

ModTone MT-WAH Vintage Wah
– true bypass vintage styled wah in a durable housing at a price that can’t be beat! $69.95 (free shipping)

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