It’s official – we’re now a ModTone Effects dealer!

logo It’s official – we’re now a ModTone Effects dealer!We’ve been carrying a few ModTone Effects pedals for a few months now – we had been getting them through a wholesaler. However, we’re now an official ModTone Effects dealer which means that we’re able to carry their full line and also have first pick at their new products that come out!

We currently have a number of their products on our site and will be adding other models in the coming day or so. A quick rundown on their current models:

ModTone MT-AD Vintage Analog Delay – $99.95 for an analog delay? YES, it’s true.

ModTone MT-CH Aqua Chorus – $79.95 – a vintage style chorus

ModTone MT-DS Speedbox Distortion – $49.95 – great sounding distortion at a very attractive price.

ModTone MT-OD Dyno Drive – $79.95 – vintage style overdrive that blows away the competition in its price range.

ModTone MT-PH Atomic Phaser – $99.95 – boutique style phase at a non-boutique price

ModTone MT-CT Chromatic Tuner
– $79.95 – accurate, easy to read and compact!

ModTone MT-HT Tremolo – $79.95 – Vintage sounding tremolo and vibrato.

Upcoming models:
ModTone MT-WAH Wah pedal – $69.95 – classic style wah pedal! Heavy duty construction and it’s true bypass!

ModTone Power Plant Power Supply – $189.95 – This could be the last power supply you’ll ever need. It’ll power everything from 9v to 24v pedals, will work on 110v or 220v, has a “sag” control to emulate dimmed power output, and even has a 9v AC output!

ModTone MT-DD Deep Dive Octave Plus – $129.95 – An octave pedal with a ring mod feature and it’s true bypass!

ModTone MT-FF Funk Filter Enveloper – $129.95 – A boutique style envelope filter that features three controls and true bypass!

Modtone MT-CB Clean Booster – $99.95 – just what you’d guess it is – a clean boost that allows you to boost your signal by up to 25 db with no gain added to the signal, and it is true bypass.

Please feel free to email or call if you have further questions on these, or if you’re interested in placing an order.

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