Elixir Cables now in stock!

elixir c p f c Elixir Cables now in stock!
Elixir Strings have been around for awhile now and have earned a much deserved reputation as being some of the best strings you can buy. Now, they’ve released instrument cables that follow in the footsteps of their string line.

We’ve got several models in stock and available here.

For many people, cables are a boring topic and an easily overlooked part to their overall tone. I can completely identify with you, if you’re in that camp! It’s much more fun to spend money on a guitar pedal than it is on a couple of guitar cables. That said, using excellent quality cables is one of the quickest, easiest and least expensive ways to make an immediately noticeable improvement in your tone. Rather than trying to describe this in words, check out some sample audio clips that Elixir has on their website comparing Elixir cables with two different “run of the mill” cables.

Elixir Cables Audio Clip

Also, check out the following video’s that feature Taylor Guitar’s VP of Marketing, Brian Swerdfeger, and guitar luthier extraordinaire, Tom Anderson talking about Elixir cables (among other things).

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