New products from T-Rex, Xotic and Toadworks!

I hope this post finds you off to a good start to 2009 and having had a great Christmas and holiday season! I’m excited to share about a number of new products coming out from a number of manufacturers we deal for. This page is just a summary of what’s coming out. Stay tuned for more details as these become available for shipping.

Xotic Effects:
The very popular Robotalk is back! Xotic discontinued this pedal about two years ago and has since redesigned the pedal and will be shipping them out in the next couple of months.

T-Rex Engineering:
T-Rex Engineering has a whole batch of new pedals in the works that will both widen their market and also offer some fantastic effects at competitive prices. Here’s a quick summary of their upcoming products.

Mark Tremonti Signature Phaser: This was designed with on stage feedback and input from Mark himself. It combines some of Marks signature phaser tones along with T-Rex’s fantastic build quality and wide variety of tonal abilities.

DGTM – Diabolical Gristle Tone Manipulator: Ok, roll your eyes at the name of this – I know I did. It’s inspired by Greg Koch and is a versatile overdrive that will cover vintage to modern tones.

Luxury Drive: A basic, yet high quality single channel boost pedal. It adds a touch of treble and a very small amount of compression, but doesn’t drop the bass frequencies.

Gristle King: This was designed especially for Greg Koch and is more or less combines the DGTM and Luxury Drive into one dual switch pedal. It also adds some extra controls and tonal possibilities.

ToneBug Reverb: This is a compact reverb pedal that features two modes – spring or modern, allowing you to cover both vintage and modern reverb tones.

ToneBug Overdrive: A single channel overdrive. This is a simple overdrive for people who don’t need more than your basic Gain, Tone, and Level controls. It features T-Rex’s fantastic overdrive tones in a compact and budget friendly box.

Toadworks USA:
Barracuda Howard Leese Signature Analog Flanger: The Barracuda Flanger has been in the works for a long time, but for various reasons hasn’t made it’s way to the market. Now it’s finally ready with a few more tweaks and will be available this month. $249.99

Roundabout Turbo: Similar to the “original” Roudabout, except it’s Reversible. $149.99

Ajax Stereo Phase Inverter: This pedal is unlike any other single product on the market. Suggested uses for Ajax are: a two-channel mixer, input/output phase correction, multi-guitar/amp interface, stereo expander, stereo-to-mono summing node, buffered signal splitter, and clean boost. $199.99

Big Banana Signal Buffer: As the name implies this is a signal buffer with a single in and two outputs – one buffered and one “non-buffered.” $99.99

All of these are not currently available, although many will be in the next couple of weeks. Stay posted – I’ll try to post more details as well as post when each of these get in our doors and are ready to ship. Pre-orders can be placed on these as well. Please email or call (218.260.4176) to place a pre-order.

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