Macdaddy Music is now stocking BBE stomp boxes.

BBE entered the effects world a couple of years ago now, so this isn’t exactly ground breaking news, BUT here at Macdaddy Music just started carrying them, so I thought I’d take a moment to highlight them in case you’re not very familiar with them.

Many people are familiar with BBE, especially their Sonic Maximizer units, but their stomp boxes are really great too. They’re a nice alternative to some of the “other” mass produced pedals on the market. They incorporate some great boutique features, but at less than what you’ll find with most boutique builders. They feature true hardwire bypass, a heavy duty housing, high quality components, a 5 year warranty, and most of the pedals include a power supply (the wah pedal is the only one that doesn’t). BBE has also taken the time to come up with some fun finishes on their pedals which just add to their value in my opinion. BBE did something else well when they decided to enter the stomp box market – they came up with a really nice variety of effects. From boosts to OD’s and distortions to vibe/chorus and delays, BBE has a really great selection!

So this all sounds great, but you’re probably wondering what the price on these is right? That’s probably the best part – they run between $79.99 and $149.99 – a great value considering the high quality product you’re getting!

Check out the BBE pedals we’re stocking here

Price: $79.99 – $149.99 (save 8% using our promo code on our website: see earlier blog entry for details).

FREE anywhere in the USA! All other locations please email or call for a firm shipping quote.

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