Introducing the T-Rex Polyswitch AB Stereo Line Switch

tr poly Introducing the T Rex Polyswitch AB Stereo Line SwitchT-Rex Engineering just came out with a new product that is both innovative and very useful. The Polyswitch is the worlds first true hardwired stereo A-B switch. It can also be used in either active or passive mode which makes it even more versatile and useful. The Polyswitch features a buffer switch which allows you to beef up a low signal due to long cable runs, multiple-effects, etc.

The uses for the Polyswitch are quite extensive ranging from the obvious – two guitars into one amp (in mono or stereo depending on your effects set-up) to the more complex – running two stereo keyboards to a stereo out into a mixer. It also works backwards, letting you run two separate stereo instruments into a single amplifier or other signal destination. Check out the image/link below for a .pdf of more set-up options courtesy of T-Rex.

Check out a bit more information and pick one up on our store site.
Price: $199 (free shipping in the USA)

set ups Introducing the T Rex Polyswitch AB Stereo Line Switch

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