Way Huge Electronics available soon!

Alright, this isn’t exactly breaking news (it’s been public knowledge since roughly January of this year), but I wanted to give an update on the re-release of the Way Huge pedals. The legendary Way Huge effects line is being re-released in conjunction with Dunlop. The initial line-up will include the following:

Audio clips of each of the pedals are included at the links shown above. The latest estimate from Dunlop is that these will be available in late October.

The creator of the original Way Huge line (Jeorge Tripps) has been working with Dunlop for quite awhile now helping design the Authentic Hendrix line of pedals and now the re-released Way Huge line-up. That said, you don’t have to wonder if these are faithful to the original Way Huge design concept, quality and tone.

The best part of all of this in my opinion is that the price makes them very attractive to your average player ($159.99 – $179.99). The original Way Huge pedals go for much more than that on the used market.

As always, if you’re interested in ordering any of these please call (218.260.4176) or email to pre-order.

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