Indroducing the T-Rex Twister Stereo Chorus/Flanger

tr twist Indroducing the T Rex Twister Stereo Chorus/FlangerT-Rex Engineering has just released the Twister Stereo Chorus/Flanger. As is always the case with T-Rex stuff the Twister is a phenomenal pedal. They do a great job at creating very usable effects while at the same time thinking outside of the box.

The Twister gives a wide variety of controls allowing you to get a huge variety of tonal options out of it. Controls include the following: Depth, Regen (controls Flanger effect only), Tone, Rate, and Level. There’s a button to switch between the two effects and also a “Light/Heavy” button to switch from a light, airy effect to a heavier chorus or flange.

And as mentioned, it’s a stereo effect so you can run it in mono for a quick/easy stage setup or in stereo to really expand the tonal ground the Twister will cover.

A quick side note. I’ve seen more and more of these type of “dual use” pedals coming out and honestly I’m a big fan of the concept. You retain the tonal quality of a single effect pedal, while at the same time saving some space on your effects board. My guess is that a lot of effects “purists” might dislike them, but they’re very practical for many (if not most) players. In the case of the Twister, I don’t use chorus or flange all that often, but a pedal like this where I can kill two birds with one stone really makes sense. Nice work T-Rex!

Street price: $339.99 – free shipping in the USA! Order yours here.

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