Electro-Harmonix introduces the Voice Box harmony machine & vocoder

Electro-Harmonix has just announced that they will be releasing a new product call the “Voice Box.” According to EHX it takes the harmony/vocoder technology that is found in some similar products a step further.

The harmonies featured in the Voice Box move in a smooth human-like transition rather than in steps. Also, the harmonies offer a wider variety of features, especially the harmonies generated under the prime voice. There are also several unique features incorporated into the Voice Box including a whistle, a gender bender option (from male to female or vice versa), and independent reverbs on dry and harmonies. Lastly, the Voice Box has a built in vocoder.

The rumor is that they’ll be available in October – we’ll be getting them in as soon as they’re available. The street price on these is $214.50 (we’re offering free shipping in the USA). If you’d like to pre-order please email us or call us to get your order in.

EHX also has a number of other new products coming up – I’ll try to post more on other products shortly. Stay tuned…….

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