As promised, a few more Electro-Harmonix new product previews!

I posted last week about the upcoming EHX Voice Box which sounds like a really cool product. As promised, I wanted to give a quick update on a couple of other upcoming products Electro-Harmonix will also be releasing.

Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi with Tone Wicker:
What’s that? Sounds suspicious you say? Well I’d have to agree. Leave it to EHX to come up with product name that’s a sentence, but here’s the basic idea. It’s a classic Big Muff Pi with a couple of added features:

1. The classic Big Muff Pi has 3 buffered filter locations that roll off some of the higher frequency distortion. That’s part of what gives the Big Muff its smooth sustaining sound. That’s also part of the new Tone Wicker model, but there’s also a switch that’s incorporated that can defeat all three of these roll offs. That creates more of a slicing, aggressive tone while still retaining its famous long sustain.

2. The next feature is another switch position that completely bypasses the tone control. The flat response opens a much fuller, richer tone.

If it’s as cool and useful as it sounds like based on that description, I’d have to guess that the folks at EHX will be selling a LOT of these. These are supposed to be available in November with a street price is $89.25. For our blog readers who want to pre-order we’re offering a 10% discount – drop us an email and just mention this post to pre-order yours.

Next up is the…

Electro-Harmonix Signal Pad:
The Signal Pad is a passive attenuator that allows musicians to switch to a different volume setting instantaneously without going through any active circuitry. It’s ideal for switching to and from a lead part without any coloration added to your tone.

A simple pedal with a very practical use and at a price ($43.25) that makes it an easy one to add to your effects line-up. These will be available in October. We’re also offering the same deal for our blog readers on this pedal – 10% off on pre-orders. Just drop us an email and just mention this post to pre-order yours.

Last, but not least, EHX has been rehousing a number of their older effects that were in the larger housings. Among the newer editions of these are the Bass Microsynth, Frequency Analyzer, Microsynth, Worm, Q-Tron, and Graphic Fuzz w/EQ. All of these are rehoused in the newer die cast XO model boxes.

Until next time……

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