Fender Classic Re-Issue Effects

Some of you might remember the day when Fender made a handful of effects pedals (honestly – I don’t). Well, Fender has recently decided to re-issue a number of their effects and they’ve done a great job! The effects are a great mix of functionality, quality construction and components, and of course they have a great vintage vibe to them. The line-up consists of:

fender phaser Fender Classic Re Issue EffectsFender Phaser – a very retro looking phaser with great versatility. Controls include Rate, Intensity, Frequency. The Rate control knob is the large/flat knob on top of the pedal. You’re able to easily control it with your foot so you can adjust the rate as needed while playing. Also, wired in true bypass!

fender blender Fender Classic Re Issue EffectsFender Blender Custom – a very unique sounding fuzz/octave pedal. Wired in true bypass! The original models are hard to find and quite expensive due to high demand. Used by Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins and Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine.

We have both the Phaser and Blender in stock. We’ll be getting the following items in soon, but don’t have them just yet.

Fender Volume - A passive volume pedal. Not a lot to tell about, but it’s a well built, vintage looking volume pedal.

Fender Volume-Tone – A passive volume pedal controlled by tilting the pedal forward and backward. Rotate the pedal left and right and you can adjust the tone. A very cool and practical idea.

Fender Fuzz-Wah – Similar to the Volume-Tone in how it’s controlled. Tilt the pedal forward and backward and you control the wah function (just like a typical wah pedal). Rotate the pedal left and right to control the amount of fuzz the pedal puts out. Both effects have an off/on switch so you can use both at the same time or one by itself (and of course bypass the pedal entirely).

Check out our store site for more details on the first couple of models, and as always – please email or call if you have questions on these or any other items we stock.

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