Red Witch effects now in stock!

redwitchlog Red Witch effects now in stock!Macdaddy Music is excited to announce that we’re now stocking a full line of Red Witch analog effects! Red Witch is a small company based in New Zealand that builds all of their effects by hand with very high quality components. Their effects are extremely warm and rich sounding and are quite unique as well. All four current production models offer a wide variety of effects options within a single stomp box:

Fuzz God II – this is a silicon based fuzz at it’s simplest, but the added footswitch offers oscillation and octave effects for even wilder fuzz effects.

Empress Chorus – not only a lush analog chorus, but with the flip of a switch this also gives you a fantastic vibe effect!

Deluxe Moon Phaser – an analog phaser combined with some tremolo elements for a unique “tremophase” effect. Very cool.

Pentavocal Tremolo – A new take on a classic effect. Five tremolo voicings, from classic to modern to “not-available-anywhere-else.”

As mentioned, we have all four models in stock and ready to ship. These really are fantastic sounding effects and as mentioned all with very unique twists on well known, usable effects.

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