More new pickups!

Well it’s already getting to mid-February and there’s been little blogging going on here in 2008. That’s due mainly to a lack of time as opposed to a lack of things to blog about!

We’ve been adding a number of new pickups to our existing line-up. We now have a wider variety of Lace pickups in stock and have also started stocking a number of Fender models, a number of Gibson models as well as a few more variations on Nordstrands bass models. You can check them out here.

One very cool Lace set we’re now stocking is the Alumitone. lace alumitone1 More new pickups!If you’re unfamiliar with them, they’re a very unique set of single coils. They’re a very modern take on the single coil. A full bottom end with a very full and clear high end. As the name implies they’re made from aluminum rather than copper. Not only do they sound cool they look pretty sweet to (in my opinion). And we’re into looking hip, right? Check out more details on them here.

That’s all for now, but stay tuned – we’ve got more news coming up shortly…

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