Used gear list for 11.20.07

Here’s a current list of our used gear. Unless indicated otherwise, everything listed functions perfectly and is in excellent or better cosmetic shape. If you’re interested in anything you see here please drop an email to

Guitars & basses

Epiphone SG G-400 w/gigbag. Cherry finish, chrome hardware, VERY clean shape, no issues at all. $249
Epiphone Les Paul Standard w/gigbag. Ebony finish, chrome hardware, near mint, no issues. $289
Epiphone Thunderbird IV Goth bass w/gigbag. Four string, near mint, goth black/flat finish. $259
Ernie Ball/Music Man Axis Super Sport w/OHSC. Rolls burgundy finish, rosewood fretboard. Hard tail/non-tremolo model. A few nicks in the finish, none severe. $799
Ernie Ball/Music Man Axis w/P90’s & OHSC. Translucent orange finish (looks more brownish orange than ORANGE). A bit of quilt to the top, cream P90’s, maple fretboard, hard tail (non-tremolo) bridge. Some light wear, no major flaws. $829
Gibson Les Paul Special faded double cut w/P90’s & non-original hsc. Black faded finish, very nice shape. $649
Gibson Les Paul Special faded double cut w/P90’s w/gigbag. Faded cherry finish, very nice shape. $629
Gibson Les Paul Special w/P90’s & OHSC (Gibson Protector plastic case). This is THE coolest Les Paul Special I’ve seen in a long time. P90’s, cherry finish (non-faded), binding on fretboard, black 5-ply pickguard. Some modifications – upgraded Grover tuners, non-original tailpiece with fine tuning feature (similar to fine tuning on a Floyd Rose). Some player wear, but it’s nicely aged, not abused. A 1993 model. $749
Gibson Les Paul Studio w/ohsc – ALPINE WHITE 2002 model. Gold hardware, some light wear and the start to some yellowing in the color in spots (very typical for this finish). $849
Gibson Les Paul Studio w/EMG 81/85 pickups and HSC. Silver finish, upgraded Sperzel tuners. Some player wear, no issues – $829
Gibson SG ’61 RI w/OHSC. Excellent cosmetic shape, heritage cherry finish, chrome hardware, black pickguard, all original, 2001 $1179
Gibson SG Special Faded w/Gibson deluxe gigbag – Faded brown finish, rosewood fretboard, dot inlays. 2003 model, near mint cosmetically – $499
Gibson SG Standard w/ohsc. Ebony finish with light player wear – no issues at all. $879
Gibson SG Standard w/ohsc (#2). Ebony finish, light wear – no issues at all. $879
Gibson Protector case. Plastic molded hard case made by Gibson in the 80’s. Works for Les Pauls and I believe they fit SG’s also. Works fine with some typical wear for a 20 year old case. $89
Tacoma CB10CE6 Acoustic/Electric bass w/OHSC. Very clean shape, one small cosmetic nick that has been professionally filled. Has the E6 preamp, offset paisley sound hole, spruce top, mahogany fretboard, cutaway body. Discontinued and hard to find. $779


Mesa/Boogie Rocket 44 1×12” combo w/footswitch. Celestion Vintage 30 speaker, the reverb pot needs to be replaced (works most of the time, but cuts out at certain positions), but good overall shape. $479
Peavey 5150 2×12” combo w/footswitch. New JJ 12ax7’s, Mesa power tubes (some use, but lots of life left in them). This is the original version, not the II series. It’s in VERY clean shape with no issues. All original (except the tubes of course). $699


Line 6 POD Pro w/power supply – nice shape, no issues – $229
Line 6 Floorboard w/cable – no issues, excellent cosmetic shape
Line 6 POD XT Pro w/box, manual, power cable. Studio use only, works perfectly – $479
Line 6 POD XT Pro (#2) w/power cable. No box or manual, minimal cosmetic wear, works perfectly – $429
Line 6 FBV Floorboard w/cable. No issues at all – $179
Sweetsound Mojovibe – older light purple version. Nice shape, works perfectly. $279
Boss PS-5 Super Shifter w/box & manual. Near mint, like new – $129
Boss FS-6 double footswitch. This is basically a double FS-5U for use with many Boss (and non-Boss) products. It’s perfect functionally, but does have some cosmetic wear – $39
Tech21 Tri OD w/box & manual. No issues, very nice shape. $139
Barden Telecaster bridge pickup – dual blade, lots of lead wire, no issues, works great. $139

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