New EHX pedals in!

We just got in some of the highly anticipated Electro-Harmonix pedals including the Stereo Memory Man w/Hazarai, the Stereo Electric Mistress, the Q-Tron+, the Micro POG and the Knockout. We’re still waiting for the Holy Stain and Holy Grail +, but they should be in soon.

ehx smmh New EHX pedals in!

First impressions on the SMM w/Hazarai is that it’s a VERY cool pedal that can do a ton of different delays, loops, reverse, etc. I’m hoping to do a review of it on here soon, but we’ll see what time looks like in the coming days.
ehx micropog New EHX pedals in!
The Micro POG is also a very cool and usable pedal. It works great for 12 string sounds, octave sounds, bass sounds and even some more off the wall sounds not usually associated with guitar (ie organs, harpsichords, etc). There’s a chance I’ll do a more in depth review of the Micro POG as well.

Stay tuned……

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