Here at the Macdaddy Music we’re starting to add more pickup lines and options to our product line. Ford, Chevy, Toyota, etc. don’t offer pickups for guitars – in fact, their pickups might break guitars. So………

This week we’re adding several models of Lace Sensor pickups. As you may have seen already we’re stocking a variety of Kent Armstrong and Nordstrand pickups. The Lace Sensor line will be a nice “middle of the road” line that falls between Armstrong and Norstrand. Lace pickups are definitely not cheap – they’re used in a lot of Fender guitars and are a quality product. Armstrong pickups are a great bang for the buck while Nordstrand are a bit more expensive but are FANTASTIC pickups. Some people call them “the new Bartolini.” Nordstrand started out with mostly bass pickups, but now offers a wide variety of guitar pickups as well.

We’ll be getting the Lace Sensor’s that we’re stocking up on our store site (www.macdaddymusicstore.com) shortly.

Stay tuned as we’ll be adding more pickups in the near future……

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