Dunlop Hendrix Authentic Analog pedals

jd jhoc1 Dunlop Hendrix Authentic Analog pedals
As a lot of you know Dunlop recently released a series of 3 pedals that are very accurate replicas of Jimi’s original pedals. The JH-1B wah, the JH-OC1 Octavia and the JH-F1 Fuzz Face. We have the JH-1B wah in stock and HAD the JH-OC1 in stock, but don’t at the moment. A number of you have purchased the OC1′s on a pre-order basis and the best estimate I have as to when they’ll be in is mid-late August. Sorry for the delay! That’s several weeks later than we were originally told, but there’s not a lot we can do as they’re very hard to get right now.

The JH-F1 Fuzz Face is still not in either, but I’m crossing my fingers and hoping they’ll be in soon.

The OC1′s came in and went out so fast that I never had a chance to play any of them, but several customers who have bought them and given some feedback RAVE about it and say that they’re the best Octavia style pedal they’ve ever played.

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