Dan Armstrong effects are on the way!

Some of you may be aware of the vintage 70′s Dan Armstrong effects. For those of you who DON’T know anything about them get excited – they’re coming back! Ok, maybe you’re not excited at the moment because you may not know anything about them….

They’re basically a series of 6 mini-effects that plug directly into your guitar (bass, keys, etc) and act as an on-board effect. The new line of these are all true-bypass, they’re all made in the USA and they’re all great effects. The new line also includes stomp box versions of a several of the originals as well as kit versions that allow you to install them into an instrument rather than having an outboard effect.

The new line-up consists of 6 originals and 1 new effect:

Armstrong effects Dan Armstrong effects are on the way!The Blue Clipper – An excellent fuzz-tone with incredible sustain.
The Red Ranger – A combination signal booster and tone modifier.
The Purple Peaker – An equalizer for guitar or keyboard which introduces one or two peaks into the frequency response at specially selected frequencies.
The Yellow Humper – An equalizer for guitars, bass guitars, and keyboards.
The Green Ranger – A very interesting and unique type of distortion device which produces ring modulation type effects.
The Orange Squeezer – A signal compressor which provides some 30 db of clean (undistorted) sustain.

da blackreaper thumb Dan Armstrong effects are on the way!
The Black Reaper –
This unit is a new product for the Dan Armstrong line. This unit modifies the mid range frequency by decreasing the mid-range level.

Also included in stomp box form are:
The Blue Clipper
The Green Ranger
The Orange Squeezer
The Black Reaper

The stomp box units are made to be slipped together in a locking formation and all also include a jumper cable so you won’t need any extra cables for these stomp boxes.

I expect to have these in shortly. In the meantime, feel free to call or email with questions or with orders. The smaller effects will be selling for $115 (free shipping in the USA) and the stomp box effects will be selling for $160 (free shipping in the USA).

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