Used pedals & gear for sale!

We’ve been in “accumulation mode” for awhile and it’s time to start moving some of the used gear that’s currently just sitting on the shelf.  Here’s our latest used gear list.  As always, everything listed is 100% functional unless otherwise stated.  Any notable cosmetic issues will also be noted. Please email or call (218.260.4176) with questions. If you’d like to order you can do so via Paypal (we’ll send a Paypal invoice – just email us with what you want and your email address) or you can call to order over the phone with a credit card.

Boss FDR-1 Fender ’65 Deluxe Reverb pedal – like new in the box w/manual – $85
Boss RC-2 Looper pedal – like new in the box w/manual – $115
Keeley Mod Plus Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer – $249
Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay – like new in box w/manual – $139
Ibanez/Analogman TS9/TS808 mod – $139
Arion/EWS modded Chorus – near mint in box – $115
Fulltone OCD (V4) – near mint w/box – $120
Lovepedal Eternity Fuse – near mint, no box or manual – $175
Keeley Boss BD-2 w/Phat Mod – near mint, no box or manual – $139
Xotic RC Booster – near mint, no box or manual – $125
Coldcraft Cascade Overdrive – near mint in box – $139
VFE Pedals Alpha Dog Distortion – near mint w/box – $109
Fulltone Secret Freq OD/Distortion – near mint in box w/manual & sticker VERY low S/N (116) – $169
Boss FS-5U non-latching footswitch – no box or manual, near mint – $20
Road Rage AB Switcher (super compact AB box) – like new w/box & manual -$15
Road Rage Rapidfire Looper pedal – like new w/box & manual – $20
Visual Sound Pure Tone Buffer – like new w/box & manual – $35

Open Box/Customer Return items: all of these are just open box/customer return items and come with the full manufacturer warranty still.
Visual Sound Route 808 OD – open box w/manual $55
Bogner Uberschall Distortion – open box w/manual & paperwork $199
Bogner Ecstasy Red OD – open box w/manual & paperwork (2x available) $239
BMF Effects Little Red Compressor – open box w/manual – $145
Jack Deville Dark Echo Delay – open box w/manual – $149
EarthQuaker Devices Dispatch Master – open box w/manual – $155
Wampler Pedals Tom Quayle Dual Fusion OD – open box w/manual – $225

We also have a couple of great mic pre’s for sale on ebay (auctions starting May 21, 2013) if you’re in that market.

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New products update!

We’ve been adding a lot of great new products to our line-up.  Some are “new to us” and some are brand new on the market, but we think they’re all great in their own right.  Here are a few highlights…

Mooer Audioa20791c13a22cfd697ec32 s New products update!
This line of micro pedals all feature some similar features including:
- A TINY pedalboard friendly footprint
- True bypass switching
- High quality design and tone
- An amazing number of controllable parameters for a tiny pedal
They’re all very affordable ($88 or $98 depending on the model). Mooer makes a wide variety of effect types as well that cover the majority of effect types on the market.  Popular models include the Pitch Box pitch shifter, ShimVerb digital delay and Ensemble King analog chorus.

Mission Engineering a207917139c5c4a03a988b s New products update!
Mission Engineering manufactures expression, volume and wah pedals that are well thought out, versatile and very high quality.  Made in the USA, they’re unique products that for most models have few if any competitors on the market. Products such as the Expressionator, RewAh wah pedal, and EP-1 Expression pedal are powerful tools that are built to last.

Bogner Pedals a20791b13b007ac3097b01 s New products update!
Yes it’s the same “Bogner” as the killer amps!  They’ve recently introduced three pedals based on their legendary amps!  The Euphoria Red, Euphoria Blue and Uberschall.  Each has its own unique tone and each features an independent boost channel.  If you’ve always loved Bogner amp tone, but couldn’t afford the price, these pedals are as close as you’ll get to Bogner amp tone in a pedal and at a fraction of the amp price!

Walrus Audio a2079181390c22d7f9dafa s New products update!
I love Walrus Audio! They’re philosophy is to create pedals that are fantastic sounding (obviously) but on top of that, they feel that they should be essentially a functional work of visual art on your board as well.  Each of their pedals features graphic art that make them stand out.  On top of that, they sound phenomenal.  Their Voyager Overdrive has taken the guitar world by storm, earning the 2012 Guitar Gear award from Premier Guitar. In addition, they’ve recently released the Januswhich is a dual Tremolo & Fuzz pedal with joystick controls that allow unprecedented real time control over two parameters at once. Check out the video below for a demo on the Janus.

 New products update!
Walrus Audio Janus Tremolo/Fuzz Joystick Pedal Technical Demo

Lindy Fralin Pickups
Fralin pickups aren’t exactly “new” to the market – they’ve been around for quite some time, but we recently got on board as a dealer with them. Their hand made pickups are among the finest in the world!  We have not listed them on our website yet, but we do have a good variety of their Strat, Tele, Humbucker, P90 and Humbucker sized P90 (P92) pickups in stock.  If you’re interested in ordering any of these feel free to email or call (218.260.4176).

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Our March used gear highlights

Hey all – here’s a quick list of some of the used gear we currently have available.  Please email or call (218.260.4176) to check availability, ask questions and order.

All gear is in 100% perfect functional shape unless otherwise stated.  Shipping will depend on your location and preferred shipping method, but will be around $7-$10 for most pedals in the US and around $35-$45 for guitars in the US.

- Timmy Overdrive pedal V2 – with box, near mint – $199
- Fulltone OCD Version 3 – with box, excellent shape – $179
- Boss RV-3 Digital Delay/Reverb – no box or manual, velcro on the bottom, moderate cosmetic wear (7/10 cosmetically), one replaced knob.  Still 100% functional! $119
- Planet Waves Tru-Strobe Pedal Tuner – with manual (no box), minor wear – $49
- Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer – no box or manual. Near mint cosmetic shape – $70
- T-Rex Reptile Analog Delay – original version, with box & manual. Near mint, like new, $159
- Digitech X-Series XMM Heavy Metal Distortion – with box & manual. Near mint – $39
- Digitech X-Series XDV Digital Reverb – with box & manual. Near mint $59
- Jack Deville Dark Echo – with box, no manual. Near mint – $125
- Wampler Triple Wreck Distortion – with box & manual, near mint – $209
- BMF Effects Purple Nurple Overdrive – with box & manual, near mint – $129

The following pedals are all B-stock pedals (ie customer returns that are 100% functional and still have the full manufacturer warranty).  All include all factory paperwork, manual, box, etc unless otherwise stated.

- T-Rex Octavius Octave pedal – missing owners manual. box and power supply included – $199
- Xotic Custom Shop Robotalk RI – $199
- Visual Sound V2 Comp 66 Compressor – $79
- Source Audio Soundblox Multiwave Distortion – $99

-Fender Clapton Blackie Strat – with original Fender Tweed case and case candy. VERY clean shape. 1997 model with Lace pickups – 100% original. $1099
- Gibson Les Paul Custom ’68 Reissue w/original case, case candy, COA. Sunburst flame top. Excellent condition – $2500

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TC Electronic space age voodoo and buy 2 get 1 free special!

Awhile back I did a post about the then new TC Electronic TonePrint pedals explaining what they were and the basic concept behind them.  They’ve since become pretty well known (surely because of that post) and are growing further in popularity as more people discover them.  One thing I’ve always loved about TC Electronic is how they continue to push the edge with modern features and functionality with their products.  Their latest example of this is kind of hard to explain in a few words, so rather than trying to do so – watch this video (the first minute gets the point across).

Beaming data from an iPhone, into a guitar pickup and to a guitar pedal?!?!  Space age!  Very cool and more than that, very practical if you own one of these pedals. Check out more details on the app here.

On top of this cool new app, TC is offering a special from now until December 24th.  Buy any two of their TonePrint pedals and get a free Mojo Mojo Overdrive!  That’s a $129 value!

If you’re interested in learning more, or getting your free Mojo Mojo, click here for all the details from TC Electronic.

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New Pedal Day! The Homebrew Electronics (HBE) Cremolo Analog Tremolo first look & short review

We just got in the new Homebrew Electronics Cremolo Analog Tremolo. This video is NOT intended to be a full fledged demo of the pedal, rather a “first impressions” video. I literally plugged it in for the first time for this video and just did one take to see what it sounds like, so please excuse any mistakes, etc. It’s a great pedal with a nice variety of vintage styled, analog tremolo tones. It offers a nice variety of tremolo tones – as mentioned, most are vintage, but when maxing out the Intensity and Speed controls you can get some pretty fast and hard trem sounds that are a bit more extreme and can work nice for modern styles or experimental sounds.

The build quality on this is great (as all HBE pedals are). I didn’t notice any excess noise with the pedal either and it does have true bypass switching, so it’s completely out of your signal path when disengaged. Also, for what it’s worth, the S.LED toggle just shuts the speed/depth LED indicator off. There is no tonal change when switching this toggle back and forth.

All in all a great tremolo pedal that’s a great option for most people looking for a tremolo. If you’re looking for something that’s designed for more modern, hard/choppy or super fast trem sounds, probably look elsewhere, but if you want a tremolo that hits a lot of the warm trem tones found in some of the classic old tube amps, the Cremolo is worth considering.

We’ve got them in stock – click here

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Our latest used gear list!

While we mostly sell new gear, we do take in trades and outright buy your used gear. Here’s a list of our current used gear inventory.

Everything is 100% functionally perfect unless otherwise stated. Prices don’t include shipping, but shipping is reasonable ($7-$10 for most pedals depending on your location and around $30-$40 for the guitar domestically). International shipping will be more (roughly $30-$35 for most pedals – email for a firm quote). Feel free to email or call with questions. Paypal, money order or credit card over the phone all work for payment. Please email or call for pictures or with more questions.

1. Homebrew Electronics Paradrive OD/boost – excellent condition with box – $135
2. Homebrew Electronics Power Screamer with fat boost, tweed cover (REAL tweed), and burr brown chip mod done by Joel Weaver at Homebrew – exc cond no box – $165
3. Xotic AC Booster – exc cond with box – $125
4. Ibanez TS9 Tubescreamer with Keeley Mod plus mod – no box – $125
5. Catalinbread Manx Laughton Fuzz – like new with box – $125
6. Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail nano reverb – exc cond with box – $85
7. Guyatone WRm5 Wah Rocker – exc cond with box – $85
8. Hardwire SC-2 Hardwire Valve Distortion – exc cond with box – $60
9. Hardwire CR-7 Hardwire Stereo chorus – exc cond with box – $75
10. Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man (old big silver box version). Very clean shape with the box, manual & power supply $275
11. BMF Fat Bastard – like new with box – $85
12. Barber Direct Drive – exc cond with box – $85
13. Jack Deville Dark Echo – exc cond with box – $175
14. JHS Mini Bomb Boost (this is the hand painted version, red with a bomb on it) – exc cond no box – $95
15. T-Rex CompNova compressor – $125 includes box and manual. Like new
16. T-Rex Mark Tremonti Phaser – $150 includes box and manual. Like new
17. TC Electronic SCF Stereo Chorus/Flanger – $175 includes box and manual
18. Lovepedal Purple Plexi – $250 includes box. Rare and in clean shape
19. Lovepedal Englishwoman – $250 includes box. Rare and in clean shape.
20. HBE THC Three Hound Chorus – $135 includes box & manual
21. Ibanez CS9 Stereo Chorus – $65 velcro on the bottom, no box or manual, but in clean shape.
22. Digitech Hardwire DL-8 Delay Looper – $125 includes box and manual. Like new!
23. Digitech Hardwire RV-7 Stereo Reverb – $110 includes box and manual. Like new!
24. BBE Free Fuzz – $40 includes box and manual. Very clean.
25. MXR M-78 Badass distortion – like new $65
26. Boss FDR-1 Deluxe Reverb – like new in box w/manual. $80
27. TC Electronic NM-1 Nova Modulator. New, but factory packaging was opened for a 1 time demo (by Macdaddy Music) – $195
28. Source Audio Multiwave Guitar Distortion – new in box with manual – customer return – $99
29. MXR M-109 6 Band EQ – this is a New Old Stock pedal – one of the old blue ones without the foot switch. It’s not a vintage 70′s model – it’s probably 5 years old, but again is 100% brand new, never sold, or used. $55
30. Taylor 315-CE Acoustic/Electric w/SKB molded hardcase. Excellent condition, no issues – $1275

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Coming soon…Laney Ironheart amps

Hey all – it’s been awhile since the ol’ blog had any fresh content – sorry about that!  Between a 150 mile move, a new baby and all that goes with those things blogging has been low on the priority list.  At any rate – I’m excited about some new amps that will be available VERY soon.  The Laney Ironheart series.
laney ih Coming soon...Laney Ironheart amps

These are killer amps with tons of great features.  Here’s the quick overview:  The Ironhearts are all tube, high gain amps (2×12 combo and heads with matching cabs available) with features and tone found in much more expensive amps, but at a price that your averaging gigging guitarist can afford – street prices UNDER $1000!  Again, these are high gain amps – perfect for metal, thrash, hardcore, etc.  Not something you’ll want for your blues gig icon wink Coming soon...Laney Ironheart amps

Exact pricing and availability are still not 100% nailed down, but we will have them listed on our site with all pertinent details as soon as we get that info.  Until then, feel free to check out this great demo courtesy of Laney that shows the features more in depth and offers some great audio samples.

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All about the new TC Electronic TonePrint line of pedals

Among the new products TC Electronic introduced at the 2011 Winter NAMM show were their TonePrint line of pedals.  The models include:

flashback news page All about the new TC Electronic TonePrint line of pedalshall of fame news page All about the new TC Electronic TonePrint line of pedalsvortex news page All about the new TC Electronic TonePrint line of pedals

shaker news page All about the new TC Electronic TonePrint line of pedalscorona news page All about the new TC Electronic TonePrint line of pedals

So if you’re like me your first question is “what the heck is TonePrint?“  In as short of an answer as possible, it’s a setting on each TonePrint pedal that allows you to load up a preset tone from world famous guitarists onto your pedal!  TC is working with a wide variety of guitarists from different genres to have them create their own TonePrints.  Guitarists include John Petrucci, Pete Thorn, Matt Beck, Bumblefoot and more.

How does it work?
Each TonePrint pedal has a USB port that allows you to sync up the TonePrint that you want on your computer with the included USB cable.  It’s that simple!

Why would I want someone else’s TonePrint?
If you ever use multi-effects modelers you know that most presets are based on famous tones of guitarists: “Jimi’s Fuzzy Facey”, “Stevie’s Pride & Joy” “Delay on the Edge” etc.  The TonePrint is the ACTUAL tone created with that exact pedal by the stated guitarist!  No emulation, no approximations – the real thing.  TC also offers a number of TonePrints that they’ve created.  I don’t know this for a fact, but it’s possible that TC could enable the TonePrint creation to become public so that guitarists around the world could quickly and easily share their own TonePrints.

I can turn knobs. Why would someone else be able to get any different sounds than I can create?
Great question. The answer is that TC allows the creator of each TonePrint patch to define parameters that can’t be adjusted by the pedals knobs.  Twelve o’clock on the Tone knob might be voiced darker or brighter from TonePrint to TonePrint depending on the creator.  Simply put, the TonePrint patches allow you to get tones out of each pedal that you can’t get just by turning knobs on the other factory settings.

I don’t know if I would ever use the TonePrint setting.
Fair enough – maybe you’re the type of guitarist who does your own thing and has no desire to copy anyone else’s tone.  That’s the great part about these.  The TonePrint pedals are first and foremost great stomp boxes.  Their compact, well built, sound fantastic with plenty of options and parameters and best of all, they’re priced right.  Between $129 and $169 street price!  Maybe you’d never use the TonePrint setting, but that shouldn’t stop you from considering one of these pedals.  If you were looking at cars and didn’t need a great stereo system would you rule out a car that had a $2000 system but still fit all your needs and your budget?  I’m just saying….

TC Electronic is consistently coming out with great products that have well thought out features, sound great and offer great value for the money.  The TonePrint line is no exception!

A few facts about the TonePrint pedals:
- Each TonePrint pedal will store only 1 TonePrint at a time
- USB cable included with each pedal
- TonePrint setting comes preloaded from the factory with a preset

Check out all of TC’s TonePrints here.

Here’s a video from TC talking about the TonePrint and showing how it works.

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New products from Winter 2011 NAMM!

As you may know, winter NAMM wrapped up a couple weeks ago and all reports are that it was the most positive one in years. Dealers were excited, manufacturers were optimistic and offering some fantastic new products.  We’ve got a lot of great new products on the way that were released at the show and I thought it might be helpful to put up list of products, their prices and ETA’s.  Feel free to email or call with questions on anything listed here (or not listed icon wink New products from Winter 2011 NAMM!

Deluxe Memory Man Analog Delay with Tap Tempo – $378, available late March/early April

Stereo Talking Machine – $217.50, late April
Killswitch – $45, IN STOCK
Neo Mistress – $82.35, available early March

TC Electronic:
Corona Chorus$129, late Feb/early March
Dark Matter Distortion – $129, late Feb/early March
Flashback Delay & Looper – $169, late Feb/early March
Hall Of Fame Reverb – $149, late Feb/early March
MojoMojo Overdrive – $129, late Feb/early March
Shaker Vibrato & Chorus – $129, late Feb/early March
Vortex Flanger – $129, late Feb/early March

T-Rex Electronics:
Reptile 2 Delay with Tap Tempo – $279, IN STOCK
Twister 2 Chorus/Flanger – $279, late March
Tonebug Sustainer/Compressor – $99, late March

JBF3 Joe Bonamassa Signature Fuzz Face$199.99, early-mid April

M78 Custom Badass ’78 Distortion – $79.99, early-mid April
M234 Analog Chorus – $99.99, early-mid April
M195 Noise Clamp – $79.99, early-mid April
ZW90 Zakk Wylde Phase 90 – $99.99, early-mid April
M87 Bass Compressor – $189.99, early-mid April

Way Huge:
WHE-202 Green Rhino OD – $129.99, early-mid April
WHE-606 Ring Worm Modulator – $149.99, early-mid April

Seymour Duncan:
Vintage Broadcaster set – $104.95, IN STOCK
Tele Hot Rails set – $149.95, IN STOCK

Not on our site yet, but here are the following new SD items that are coming

Trembucker spaced SHPR-1 P-Rails (white, black, cream) – $89.95, late March
Blackouts Modular Preamp & Coil Pack – $54.95 (preamp only), $72.95 (Coil Pack – ie pickup only), $184.95 (preamp and set of pickups), mid-late February
Liberator solderless pickup change system – $24.95, mid February

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2011 will be big….really big…

Happy 2011 to you!  I hope your Christmas, New Years, Hanukkah, Festivus, etc. was fantastic.  So 2010 has come and gone and while it wasn’t  the best year in the history of years, it was a bit better than some in recent memory and has me very optimistic for 2011.

At Macdaddy Music I’ve got plans to add a lot of new product lines in 2011.  I’ve always tried to give great product selection and 2011 will increase our selection by leaps and bounds. I’ll be adding new pickup lines, new guitar effects lines, new amps, and even new rack processors and multi-effects processors.

I’m also starting up a new ongoing special for Facebook fans. I’ll be offering Facebook fan only specials on a regular basis.  Could be weekly, could be monthly, but they’ll be regular enough and good enough deals that it’s worth becoming a Facebook fan if you’re not already!

I wish you the best for the upcoming year!

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